Radical Step is not about exams - it is about encouraging a love for dance and movement. Learning unique choreography, developing confidence through public performances and aiding students to participate in creating their own choreographic work.  



Kelsey Davidson, is a young entrepreneur who founded Zed Creek, now Radical Step Dance Studio in 2012. Radical Step is a successful modern dance school based in Fendalton, Christchurch. All of Kelsey’s choreography is stamped with her unique and diverse style of modern dance. Her work is a combination of jazz / modern / Latin / Contemporary techniques fused together. Radical Step students often have opportunities to be involved in various dance films and large scale productions. The dance school arose directly after the first Christchurch Earthquake.  Kelsey prides herself as a promoter of our new and dynamic city of Christchurch.  Kelsey has a love for the outdoors with her main passion being snow skiing. Which leads her to explore the unique parts of New Zealand and exotic locations around the world. 

Radical Step Dance Studio